CONCEPT: 1. Family Matters

Family always comes first. Family is someone who loves you. It does not have to be your parents or grandmother. If you will go out of your way, and do anything for someone, and they will do the same for you, that is called “family”.

The first concept of ThaColorGray?: 1. Family

To me, family is the most important thing in life. Before I go on, I want you to know that it is wrong to believe that your family only consist of your mother and father. In reality, family are people who care and love you the most. You ask why do I have a concept behind “family”? Well, family has played a major part in my life and success as a person. I wake up and believe in everything I do because of my family. I want to be the best person I can possibly be, because of my family. I believe a lot of people live measurably because they are not close to their family and personally I think this has to change to fully live a true life. (Thats Just What I Think)

Family is often considered a group of people, or a strength, or bond that can never be broken. I believe that is a pretty accurate statement. Families have ups and downs, but always stay connected. Family consist of respect and loyalty, family is togetherness. For example, the hit TV show “Family Matters”. Take a look at the picture to the left of you. Are all of these people related biologically? Nope (If you are unfamiliar with the show, Steve (glasses) And Waldo (furtherest to your left) do not have the same genes as the Winslow family.ahah). But are they considered a family? Yes Sir! (Or Mam). This is a prefect example of how family is created. Does anyone remember Family Matters without Steve? I do a little, but I definitely think of him the most in regards to the show. I always felt he was a part of the family EVEN THOUGH he did not live directly in the house with the Winslows. Without any of these cast members, the show would not be the same. Without your family your life technically is not the same either. Family MATTERS….

Through ThaColorGray you will see a variety paintings that represent different families. None of these paintings will have faces, nor will they have detailed clothing (Yes you read that correctly). It is up to you to determine who these people are in the paintings I create. I know what the picture means to me, but what does it mean to you. I believe that all art has a story (not just for the artist them self). I also believe that one piece of art can have a variety of meanings. A lot of artist create a painting and quickly put their name and a story behind it, they often forget to ask others to put their own story to their painting instead of telling their own.  ThaColorGray will provide the picture. It is up to you to tell the story. Below are a number of pictures that represent family. Enjoy 🙂

Remember Family “MATTERS” -Be Awesome


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