CONCEPT: 2. Music

I love music. Not as much as I love my family(some of them.ahah), but you will get the point once you read this blog. I enjoy all aspects of music and the different genres. I say I’m a fan of good music. If anyone reading this blog went to school with me (Mainly highschool/university)  they  know that I always had something in my ears. Why? Because I love music.

Highschool: Oh? Hey Jazzy.ahah

Music has the power to bring bad or good into your life (Isn’t that scary?). Music is emotion. Music can cheer you up on your saddest day or bring you down on your best. Music can make you go left when the sign tells you to go right. Music is an influencer. Music is a way of life.

The second concept of ThaColorGray?: 2. Music

Throughout my life, music has influenced me in a variety of ways. It often motivated me to study or become focused. Whether that was for a test or working on an assignment, music could easily put me in the mood (motivate me) to do these things (strange I know). It usually encourages me to run that extra mile or finish my last 10 push-ups in a workout. Music has influenced my life and it has probably influenced parts of yours as well.

Recently music has influence what I draw and paint (Seeing my first summer picture was influence by WizKhalifa-Rooftop lyrics) (See picture below). I decided it was only right to include music to ThaColorGray.

Now really? Can anyone honestly say they do not like music?

Through ThaColorGray, you will see a variety of paintings that involve music of all genres. Hopefully these paintings spark your interest and remind you about something you’ve experienced in your life. Again, I know what the picture means to me , but what does it mean to you. As I share some of my experiences, I want you to concentrate  on your own (Try to at least). The images I create are not imaginative, they are all real life experiences.

Everyone wanted to or can, or have tried to at some point play an instrument (I played the piano) (Whether that worked out or not is another story). The main thing is that you experienced this. You have experienced music at some point in your life.

Here are some of the artists on my  ipod

To the left we have Brad- In the Green we have Angelina.

-Lauryn Hill








Highschool: Corms & Dicky

Music makes THE WORLD GO ROUND- Be Awesome !!!


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