CONCEPT: 3. Love

What is Love?

Honestly, I have know idea..

Do I want to know? Maybe

Will I find out? Hopefully

Do I believe in it? Obviously..

Love is a strange assortment of emotions. It is often stupid (yes, very stupid). Love does not automatically mean boyfriend and girlfriend. You can love anything (I love skittles:-). People easily fall in “love” with the first person they take on a date, or in many cases with the first person that gives them any sort of attention. Love causes stress and happiness. Love is awful. Love is hot but can easily be cooled down. Love is everything (so they say).

The third concept of ThaColorGray : 3. Love

My thoughts on love are confusing (I’m a confusing person). My thoughts will probably cause lack sleep or cause a large amount of problems to your brain (In other words, I’m weird). You can ask anyone who knows who I am (or thinks they know) who I am, about me and love or relationships. They will probably say 1. Again, he’s weird 2. I have know idea or 3. Its a secret. Some people will try and tell you what they know (which normally is very little), these people are called new bags (definition- An individual who collects news, similar to CTV, The Chronicle Herald, ESPN or FOX.ahah) Have I ever been in love? (Me thinking….. me still thinkingggg..) Have I ever broken someone’s heart? (maybe, If so, I’m sorry). Have I ever had my heart broken? (Yes, who hasn’t). As I become more familiar with the “L” word and try not to confuse myself and you, I repeat ‘I’m still learning“.

I know everyone is thinking? (Oh is ThaColorGray going to write soppy love stories?) Ummm no. That will only cause unnecessary traffic to my blog, and if anything that is something I want to stay far far away from. I want my art to be about YOU not about me. My “L” word experiences will be represented through my art. I will briefly talk about the picture I create and how it has influenced my life. As you become more familiar with my painting style, I wish you will place your experiences  in my work. The secret to ThaColorGray is keeping a secret a secret. Through this concept I challenge you to challenge your self to think about the “L” word. What does it mean to you and how it has influenced your life is important whether you believe it or not.

Please watch the definition of truelove 🙂

Love, Love, and Love Some More – Be Awesome !!!


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