Family : “Someday I Will”

Family: “Someday I Will”

“Someday I Will” hopefully have a family. My family will not be perfect, but they will love one another more than anything in the world. We will struggle together. We will fight together. We will overcome all obstacles together. “Someday I Will” I will have a family.

I recently sat down and thought about family (Scroll down the page if you hate stories because I am about to tell one). I had the chance to take a walk along the Halifax, Waterfront (Nova Scotia) with a friend. I saw a variety of people and different groups. If I may add, I am very impressed with the diversity we have here in Nova Scotia. As I walked along the waterfront, a group of people instantly sparked my interest. Without being a creep I did not look directly into their direction. As I walked closer I noticed a contagious smile amongst the entire group. I oddly (and very weirdly (if that’s a word) ) felt what they were feeling. Everyone was focused on the moment. Everyone seemed so overly happy. Everyone appreciated each other’s company. “Someday I Will” enjoy this feeling.

Below is an image of what I saw.


Step 1: I used a 16×20 canvas to create this picture.











Step2: I started the background (Halifax, Waterfront)










Step 3: Included in this picture is a significant part of Nova Scotia History (Can you guess who it is?)










Step4: BadHabitBreak (Get use to it!)










Step5: Theodore is slowly being created. It was  very frustrating to create I had to do a lot of covering up (Seeing Theodore in the background of this image I experienced, made it easy for me to remember this group of people)









Step6: Finally started to add detail to the picture (I’ve had know training.olol) (seriously)










Step7: Theodore was finally completed and it was time to create the deck  (this part was very annoying).


Step8: I added black to the deck to create detail





Step 9: Finished? (Ithinkso)



The most important part of this experience was created last. This group of people from the waterfront will never be forgotten. They probably have no idea, but they have influenced me to “Someday I Will” have a family”.

What does this picture mean to you? What does it make you think about?

When was the last time all of your family were in the moment together ?

Family Time Is Quality Time

-Be Awesome



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