Love: “CareBear”

Love:  “Care Bear”

What is a “CareBear” ? Originally…(I looked this up on google.olol) were greeting cards, made in the 1980’s. Today, you may remember them as the television show you watched when you were little (Some of you probably still watch My mom always tells me, “It is never to late to care”. I care because it is in my business of caring people to care for those who care about you. Some people say I care too much (Is that even possible).

Roughly, 4-5 years ago I believe (yes, I remember this very moment like it was yesterday) I went on a walk near Peggy’s Cove, (Nova Scotia) (If you read my last blog you probably think I love walks? But..Ummm.. not so much). This was a “spear of the moment” sort of thing for me and the individual I was with. As we started to walk we also stubbled across conversations  that I was ultimately never prepared for (If anyone reading this blog knows how I am personally, I am not a big talker, and I RARELY speak about my so called “feelings”). As we talked and talked and talked, I started to picture my self in my mind (if that makes sense) and asking myself at the same time while talking to this person (What are you doing right (Sorry if your confused .ahah) (Hang on….Clarification is

I continued to talk to the person as I looked at my self doing all of this in my mind? (Yes I know I’m a strange person)You know when you get in the moment or experience something and your thinking to your self, why am I doing this, but you continue to do it anyways knowing you should stop? (Yeahh that To make a long story short the individual I was with, ask me why do I care so much? And later jokingly asked “are you some type of “CareBear” or something? I honestly had know answer.

You are probably asking your self (What is he talking about or who does he care about so much that this individual asked him this question and called him a “CareBear”. I will leave that for your imagination. I like to say that I’m a caring person. I would never wish hatred or bad company upon anyone. I know the importance of caring. I know how it feels to be cared for. I know I do not make everyone happy but I still care for them.

Below is an image of what I saw:


Step One: I used 16×20 canvas and started to draw where the conversation took place.










StepTwo: I started to paint the background. It was cold that day, but the water looked amazing.










StepThree: After finishing the sky and water, I started to create the sand.










StepFour: Once the sand was completed, I started to create a bear (Yes a bear)











StepFive: Once the bear was sketched out, I had to put on my jam.olol Jay Z ft Foxy Brown “I’ll Be” ahaha










StepSix & Seven : Once I was situated with Angelina (My IPod) I created brown paint and started to paint the bear.










StepEight & Nine(Finished): Once the bear was finished I started painting the rocks and the sign that says “Peggy’s Cove”

StepNine (Finished)







What’s wrong with caring for everyone you can possible care for?

Can you honestly tell your self  you cannot care for anyone else because you already care about soooooo many other people?

Why not be a “CareBear“?

CareBears Are Cool- Be Awesome

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