Music: “Passionate About”

Music: “PassionateAbout”

What does it mean to be “Passionate About” something? What is passion? How do you become passionate? Being passionate is living and doing what you love to do every day of your life (Hopefully that is something positive). Passion is a gift that allows you (and me) to live freely without stress nor frustration. Passion is energy. Passion is determination. Passion allows any individual to overcome any obstacle. Today a lot of people run from the thought of passion. Why? Because they are scared to live life to the fullest. I think I found my passion..

Last year a friend took me to the Halifax Alehouse, Nova Scotia. My friends band was playing, so I thought I’d do them a favor and tag along. Now once I got there, I quickly passed judgement on this group of individuals playing the music. Half way through the first song, I felt like banging my head on the table or picking up the small piece of glass I saw next to the lady beside me, and digging my eyes out (Seriously). I honestly had zero interest in the music that was playing.

After I got over the fact that I was here until 2 o clock I started to calm down. I also started to listen (you know when someone is actuallyyyy listening). As I listened, I also look directly at the band while they played. That’s when I saw a fire. Not the fire you use when camping. Nooo. The fire you use when you are “PassionateAbout” something. The music stopped hurting my ears. I know longer wanted to bang my head on the table. I started to notice a sense of pleasure in the eyes of each band member as they sang and made weird faces to the music. My ears stopped hurting.

I can only dream of being as “PassionateAbout” something as these gentlemen where about music. My ignorance showed me how important it is to find that one thing that makes you happy in life and do it. Why not? That very night I went home and made a list of all of the things I loved to do. All of my arrows pointed to young children. So what did I do.?. I decided to become a teacher..

Below is an image of what I saw..


StepOne: I used 16×20 canvas and started to draw the Halifax Alehouse, Nova Scotia










StepTwo: I started to add detail to the building (Very annoying process)










StepThree: Painting of the building begins ..










StepFour: Still Painting the building..olol










StepFive: Detail to the building is being added, this took so long 😦











StepSix: I started to paint a person to represent the band who played that night.


















StepSeven: Finished the band member in from of the building

What are you “PassionateAbout“?

Are you pursuing something you actually enjoy doing?

Can you honestly say you are living life through your passion?

BE “PassionateAbout”  SOMETHING!! – Be Awesome

StepEight (Finished)


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