Family: “FamiliesSticks”

Family: “FamilesStick”

What makes something stick? Well let’s see. …Glue? Tape? Sticky Tack? Usually when you want something to stick these are your options. More often than not, these options work. Whether you need it to stick permanently, you may want to use something more aggressive (adhesive, nails, drills, cement, some people go as far and use rope, gum you know, things of that nature) What makes a family stick?

An individual once told me, they do not have a family. (Like come on buddy….) Your really telling me, that you have no one in your life you can call family. If that is really the case, 95% of this is your fault. For one who even thinks that way? For two, stop being anti-social, and stop holding a grudge or whatever it maybe that is holding you back from your family, and find a place to belong. FamiliesStick to walk us through the storms in life. FamiliesStick to provide a sense of warmth and safety. FamiliesStick to create memories that we will never forget. My FamilySticks because we live in one another. My FamilySticks because we love and laugh until are stomach aches. MyFamilySticks because we make fun of everyone (Literally). My FamilySticks because there is no other way a family should be. My FamilySticks..

Below is an image of what I saw:


StepOne: Eat Breakfast.olol










StepTwo: I used a 16×20 canvas to create this picture










StepThree: I decided to go with an orange/white backdrop.I started from the top and blended oranges and whites together









StepFour: Nothing like some strawberry twist after breakfast.ahah #BadHabits










StepFive: I started to draw a tree with pencil. Very lightly sketched I hate using erasers









StepSix: The painting of the tree begins. ( I have a thing for trees)










StepSeven: The tree trunk was painted (well almost painted)









Step Eight

StepEight: The Tree is detailed and the bottom is being painted black.










StepNine: Abstract people are being added and shade from tree is created on the ground









StepTen: “FamiliesStick” Completed



Does your FamilyStick?

Are you doing anything to make them stick?

Why not help others stick

Nothing STICKS like Family– Be Awesome


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