Love: “BrokenHeart”

Love: “BrokenHeart”

What is a BrokenHeart? How do you feel as though your heart has been broken? In today’s society people use this metaphor within relationships between a male and a female. This is only one of the many ways to use this image. I believe it coexists with shock, anger, a feeling of loneliness, stomachache, fatigue and other up and down emotions that the human body is able to display. I believe it is a learning experience. I believe it is one step forward to something great. I believe it only makes you stronger. (Yeah I know its stressful. I know all you want to do is eat ice cream when it happens, but hey, eat ice cream and GET OVER IT) Life experiences make an individual grow. It is how you use this experience to better yourself that matters.

I feel as though my heart has been broken a number of times. I could probably name 4-5 experiences were I felt this feeling. In my life, this one experience stands out more than others. This experience happened roughly 3 years ago. It was an ongoing relationship, that lasted a really long time. Everything seemed to be going really well. I always felt I put a lot of effort into this relationship. I would never go a day without thinking about it. At one point I felt marriage was an actual possibility (probably not possible in real life but I thought about it). We had our ups and downs and even talked about a variety of issues we had together. Little did I know, some of these very issues made us stronger. At the same time, slowly these issues made us fall apart as well. I was “Heartbroken” in “09” when I decided to stop playing  (literally). I decided to give it up. I decided to concentrate on school, volunteering and work. I decided to give up something I loved since I was a little boy. I was “Heartbroken”, basketballs (her) enjoyment was no longer around to comfort me. This experience and decision has and will forever be something I remember. It will and has influenced what I do today and what I decide to tomorrow. In 2009, I was “Heartbroken”.

Below is an image of what I saw..


StepOne: I used a 16×20 canvas










StepTwo: I painted the entire canvas black (black is beautiful..ahah)










StepThree: I decided to add a bottom layer (the pink)










StepFour:I started to create the “BrokenHeart











StepFive: I finished the heart, and decided to remove the bottom layer (I did not like it so much)









StepSix: Outlined the heart, and started to draw me on the bottom










StepSeven(Finished): I added her (Representation of basketball) and small tears to him (me) to the picture


Why forget your BrokenHeart experience?

Why forget something that can influence your entire life?

A BrokenHeart is an experienced heart -Be Awesome

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