Muisc: “LessonsLearned”

Music: LessonsLearned

What does it mean to learn from a lesson? I believe it is more complicated than you think. In my opinion, it is everything you take from a certain experience and how you apply it to the rest of your life. Not something you use for a few days after, or something you use once a month or two years. It is something you use your entire life.

This is a short story but it is worth telling. When I was younger, my parents asked me if I was interested in playing piano. At the time I was young, how could I say no to this opportunity. I was willing to do anything that my parents asked. As I grew older and shifted away from piano, I slowly remembered how it felt to play. I reminisce on the time I spent in my teacher’s little house in Cole Harbour. I remember her big fluffy cat walking around as if she was a person listening to every note I played. I remember the late nights practicing for concerts and music recitals, my frustrations trying to play jingle bells and Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. I remember my mom asking me not to steal xmas cookies after class, because other people have to eat.

This experience has given me guidance. The LessonsLearned through this journey are and have been vital to my educational life. It has given me confidence and patience to do almost anything. I never realized how this experience has helped me succeed until I thought about the LessonsLearned.

Below is an image of what I saw:


StepOne: I used a 16×20 canvas to create this picture










StepTwo: I wanted to use a white and purple backdrop. I started with a purple and slowly added white.









StepThree: Lightly with pencil, I started to draw










StepFour: Starting to paint the piano (orange piano?) Not sure, thought it’d look nice I guess









StepFive: Decided to add a little detail to the piano, to make it jump out some











StepSix: “LessonsLearned” Completed



Simply Learn From Your Lessons( LessonsLearned)- Be Awesome

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