DBun: BenchLove


I decided to step away from my own work for a bit and try this…

I was asked to do a project for a friend. I was more than willing to take on the task. Actually I “was” pretty excited.olol But hey…let me tell you, it has been a journey with this piece so far. I still feel as though I am a little over my head with this one, but its starting to take form (sort of).olol.

If you look at the pictures (below) closely you will be able to see and notice all of the changes (mistakes) I’ve made (again, sorry.. blackberry phone cameras are not the greatest, and I did not go to school to be an artist). Some of the changes were thought of by my self, and some were suggested by my boy Devon.
The thought and idea came from both of us. He wanted  the picture represented on 4 canvases. Here is what I’ve done (struggled with) so far..ahaha


StepOne: Trying to wrap my head around these canvases










StepTwo: Still wrapping (Procrastinating)










StepThree: A little paint action starting..










StepFour: Canvases are finished painting (Or Are They?) Nope … Not even close.ahaha









StepFive: I started to blend a little black and brown over the bottom layer of the canvases..









StepSix: I started to create a pattern










StepSeven: White paint is being added to the picture. Eventually, I thought this white was taking away from the brown. So it magically disappeared..










StepEight: ??? I do not think I like this..ekkkk I messaged Devon and asked for thoughts, and we decided to scratch the whole thing and do something different. I love it when two people agree on something..

After painting over the first layer, I noticed (And Devon) that the first layer seemed to fit what we both were looking for in the picture. So what did I do??







StepNine: I dropped everything and went to bed.olol

After work I felt more motivated than ever. I started to work again.









StepTen: I changed the entire backdrop around as soon as I got home from work today, and started to paint and draw again. As I started to paint, I realized how easy this was becoming.

I started to draw the picture in with pencil …








StepEleven: I slowly started to add color to the picture. Very little white ( the white shown will slowly be filled with brown)


This is pictures is only 45% finished 😦

Stay tuned to see how it turns out!!

   TrySomethingNewToday- Be Awesome


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