My Lighthouse?

Nova Scotia has more lighthouses than any other province in Canada. Visitors come from everywhere just to see Nova Scotia’s lighthouses. If you are unfamiliar with what a lighthouse is, here is a definition: A tower or building, or type of structure design to produce light from a system of lamps and lenses. Their most common use is to mark dangerous coastlines, or anything hazardous to harbors or oceans while helping aerial navigation. The meaning of my Lighthouse is a little different..

It was eight or nine years ago when I went to the Lighthouse. I was `13 or 14 years old and I was super excited to go. I was so excited I could not sleep at all during the night. At one point I even stopped eating during the day. Breakfast lost its taste and supper had no meaning at all. I knew that the drive to the Lighthouse would be journey its self, but I was willing to wait however long it was to get there.Now around this time in my life I really had know worries. I did not even know the  meaning of stress. I did not understand life and its entire certainty and meaning at the time (still trying to figure this out) either. But the day came, and me and my family, and one special lady went to the Lighthouse (others came too). We spent almost a week there. We arrived and came home.

Now this experience was something I will never forget. Now that I’m older I understand why my father and mother took me and this special lady to the Lighthouse. I dream about walking and running around this Lighthouse. I dream about holding hands and smiling around this Lighthouse. I dream about eating and laughing and joking with this Lighthouse. I dream that one day I will see this Lighthouse.

Below is an image of what I saw:


StepOne: I used 16×20 canvas for this painting










StepTwo: I painted the entire canvas pink?










StepThree: I started an idea. This was going to be a hill(?). But that was soon scratched and changed to something completely different









StepFour: I started to paint over the pink and created a blue sky










StepFive: In this picture I start to use black and white to make grey. This will soon look like rock (hopefully)









StepSix: The rock and the small part of the ocean are “almost” completed.










StepSeven: A very light sketch of the lighthouse is added.










StepEight: Different shades of white and pink are added to the Lighthouse.










StepNine(Completed): Added a few touch ups and finished the painting.

A picture is never what it seems.

And a story is never what it means.

-Be Awesome:-)

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                                                                          -Thanks to Margaret for inspiring this picture 🙂


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