GrayVision: #1

What’s up everyone

It’s July 6th, 2011, I’m currently in my bedroom, roasting from the heat wave Nova Scotia has received these last few days.ahah Today was an interesting day. I started off by going to work (summer jobs suck). After work I went shopping for a few tools with PhotoTye, followed by a meeting with my business advisor;-)

  Here is a short video of my day(Apparently I’m On One.ahah):

I will be starting to VBlog some of my art work and progress. So instead of reading stories you will be able to listen and watch. This is only a sneek peek of what is to come. Stay tuned….

Thanks too

RossSimmonds (Business: Social Media, Marketing And Online Advertising  Expert) :

TylerSimmonds aka PhotoTye (Business: All things fresh/Snap and Video Expert) :

 – BeAwesome:-O

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