Love: WalkInTheRain

Love: WalkInTheRain

I love to go for walks (don’t laugh.. its refreshing..ahah)I like to Walk in silence and think about life and reflect on everything I’ve done recently and in my past. It doesn’t matter if I’m alone or with a friend. I enjoy Walks. A lot of people go for walks just to go. They often have zero purpose and just walk freely out into the street (well not literally out in the street but.. you get the drift). Why not Walk with a purpose? Why not Walk for a reason? Everything has reasoning doesn’t it?

I like to people watch (strange I know, I’m a strange person remember). You can find me day dreaming all the time. I like to watch and observe what people do. Recently, during the week it rained almost every day here in Nova Scotia, I stumbled upon two people walking in the rain.  Now the first thing that comes to mind is what? WTF (sorry for the bad words)are you doing walking in the rain? This is exactly what I thought. Then I thought (more open minded approach) these two people must really like each other. It was raining cats and dogs (as my great grandma use to say), and these people were having a great time in the rain! Then I thought? I want to Walk in the rain with someone? She has long dark hair and a smile wider than a rainbow in a blue sky. I want to Walk in puddles of water with this person, and maybe, just maybe get my feet a little. I want to use an umbrella like the gentlemen did, and walk, so the rain doesn’t make your hair fuzzy. I want to wear bright yellow rain boots because then we will match, and than we can walk. I want to WalkInTheRain.

Below is an image of what I saw:


StepOne: I used a 16×20 canvas to create this picture










StepTwo: Started to create the backdrop. A little messy at first (it was late)










StepThree: Started to blend shades of white and blue to create water and sky










StepFour: I created some grass on the bottom of the canvas and started to add the buildings in the background.









StepFive: The buildings are finished and the water is slightly changed with blending of blues and white.









StepSix: I lightly did a sketch of the individuals I saw and started to paint the umbrella









StepSeven: WalkInTheRain is Completed



To understand one self and the other, you must truly WalkInTheRain

-Be Awesome


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