EBoxArt: #1

EBox (Electrical Box Art) :#1

In Halifax and Dartmouth, Nova Scotia you can find a variety of different art cultures displayed. Whether that is spray painted brightly on the walls in Halifax or cleverly written on the bus terminals in Dartmouth..ahaahah. If done with creativity? It usually looks really good (2 me anyways). Now art is usually at its best when it is put it weird and whacky new places. Places that are so called “not normal” or “impossible”. That is what ultimately makes people more attracted to the work that is being presented.

If you are as wide eyed and alert and observant as I am, you would have noticed the large number of EBoxes (electrical boxes ) in Halifax and Dartmouth area that are painted with numerous designs and writings. The first Ebox I want to share with you is found @ 98 Lawrence S, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia (It says Halifax on google map). It is tucked in beside Robins Donut near the drive through window on the left hand side if your going towards Banook Lake (Canoe Club). If you are coming from downtown Dartmouth or Halifax, obviously this would mean this EBox would be to the right of you ( hope you know your left from right.ahah

Here is an image of what I saw:

The artist who did this painting is amazing  (I could not find a name or email on the painting ). If you look closely you will be able to see how the artist payed close attention to detail and CAREFULLY painted this image. They could have easily slapped some paint on the box, create a little happy face and called it a day, but NO, they took time and effort, and created something worth looking at. If anyone has a chance to check this box out (Go Ebox Hunting.. ahah its fun) its well worth it 🙂

Drawing is not only for paper. Drawing is for any canvas or object your brush is willing or allows you to paint on.

     Inspiration is an action put into words, movement or creativity -BeAwesome


One thought on “EBoxArt: #1

  1. I love it when people think outside of the box and add such quality work to the outside world. How fun they did such detailed beauty to a normal everyday box that we don’t even think about glancing at. How fun!

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