Music: “Walkman”

Music: “Walkman”

Everyone had a Walkman. My Walkman looked similar to the picture below. I swear it could play cassette tapes better than any other Walkman around. It was a given to me as a gift. It was for grading (passing grade 5,6 or 7) or possibly for Christmas or something of that nature.


The thing I remember the most about my Walkman is that I could play “WHATEVER” I wanted. I remember buying a tape recorder and taping much music and B.E.T songs as they played on TV.I use to yell at my mom and dad and even my sister to be quiet because I was trying to record (that did not go so well..). I remember listening to the tape as I walked to school and hearing my mom and her girlfriends talking news about people.ahah #sneaky I know..ahah

Back then no one could tell me what good music was or is, and today it remains the same. Know one hears music or lyrics the same. I say listen  to what you want to listen to. You are your own personal “Walkman“.

Below is an image of what I saw:


StepOne:   I used a 16 x 20 canvas to create this picture









StepTwo: I started to blend red/black/blue together to make the backdrop










StepThree: Once the backdrop was dry, I started to paint cassette tapes.










StepFour: I finally finished painting the cassettes. Now its time to add some detail









StepFive: Using black, detail is added to each cassette tape.










StepSix: Individual was added with head phones










StepSeven: Walkman (Complete)

Note: Each Cassette has a different genre of music for its title



What is the definition of good music?

SomeoneBringWalkmansBack- Be Awesome


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