Red: Why I Use It & Why You Wear It

Red: Why I use it and why you wear it

Why I use it: I use the color red to represent a variety of emotions and feelings in my paintings. Dark red is usually a sign that I’m angry ( I kid you not), frustrated or confused. Sometimes light shades of red represent love or passion. Redish/pinkish apparently has to do with romance and fun (bbm confused face) I love using the color red because of its intensity and ability to catch the human eye.

Why you wear it: Now don’t quote me on any of this.ahah This is only what I think 🙂

Women wear the color red to be sexy (point blank period.ahah) JOKING. Well some of you try to anyways ( It doesn’t usually work out so well for everyone). Women use red for confidence and a sense of power. Some use red as a comfort color. Usually it brings a sense of warmth to a women’s  personality or presence.

Men use the color red almost in the same way women do. Men use red to stand out in the middle of a crowd. They also, (like women) use red as a source of confidence. When men wear red they are often looking for attention or to be noticed (like always.ahah). Oh and they also use red to look sexy.ahah Again, I’m definitely know fashion expert, but I suggest wearing red only a few times a week. We don’t want to set off any volcano’s now do we.ahah

Shenae Grimes

The Good


The Bad (WTF)


TheGood (VERY few can do this)



In all honesty, wear what ever makes you AWESOME



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