NS Artist of the Week: @RobbScottArt

NS Artist: Robb Scott

Robb Scott: RobbScottArt is a sensational pencil artist from Nova Scotia. His work is well established across the globe. He recently was honored as the first Canadian artist EVER to work with Sidney Crosby. His specialty is realistic pencil drawings. Robb has an eye for detail. What I like about Robb:  Robb’s eye for detail is definitely on a different level than most artists. His ability to capture every (literally every) detail is very intriguing.

You can find Robb’s work @: http://theartistscareer.com/






2 thoughts on “NS Artist of the Week: @RobbScottArt

  1. These pictures are absolutely beautiful. They have so much life, and beautiful emotional tone. I usually am not drawn in by pencil drawings, but you have captured me.

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