Blue: Why I Use It & Why You Wear it

Blue: Why I use it and why you wear it

Blue/My Painting: I love to use the color blue. It is normally in all of my paintings. For me it often means I’m content with myself at the time. It usually means I’m  calm or warm (all fuzzy inside.ahah). It’s a cool color. It can be present in a variety of ways and used as HOT or COLD (think about it).

Why you wear it:

Blue/Women: Women wear the color blue to feel powerful. Yes that’s right, I said They usually wear light shades of blue to represent a softness to their personality. Dark blues usually mean look out, they’ve had a bad day and will certainly run you over if they have too.heheh (jus playing, relax)

Blue/Men: Men wear the color blue to represent light side of there personality. They often want to be seen as a young free individual. Often some guys (yes some) use it as a relationship status? You ask how? Studies show that some shades of blue represent  “single” o (try figuring that one out )

Nicole Richie

Nicole what is this? (really) ahah nice red ribbon.

Tichina Arnold

Grandma wants her nighty back.olol

Jordin Sparks

JS you look lovely 🙂



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