Recently I had the opportunity to speak with a young lady by the name of  Jei Jei Steeves (@jjsteeves). It was definitely a pleasure to meet and talk with this lady (very inspiring and inspirational). It was great to talk about art and life in general with someone who is so down to earth and easy to talk too. We did not specifically focus our conversation on one subject nor topic, but it was interesting to listen on her views and goals around life.  Growing up, I’ve been taught that =  following my dreams and doing what I love  and feel passionate about will make me successful and happy. This is exactly what Miss Steeves reminded me about. Doing what YOU love to do is totally and entirely your decision. (And) Who cares what others think? Like really? If they want to focus on your life and what YOU do, take it as a compliment. How do you become Awesome?- Following your passion and be you.


Recently I’ve been playing with a few new techniques …

What do you think?

-Be Awesome


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