NSArtist of the Week2: @artbydaina

NS Artist of the Week: @ArtByDaina

Daina Scarola: Daina Scarola (Twitter: @ArtByDaina) was born in Ontario BUT now lives in Nova Scotia on the Eastern Shore. Daina is a well established artist. Her accomplishments are too long to write about.ahah. Her style is also very unique like the individuals written above. I believe her specialty is vintage art (Oil Painting). All of her pictures give you a soothing feel (you have to see to understand). What I like about Daina:  Her ability to pay close attention to detail and still use vibrant colors that make her picture stand out.

You can find Daina’s work @: http://www.artbydaina.com




2 thoughts on “NSArtist of the Week2: @artbydaina

  1. Oh my gosh Gary, how cool a surprise is this????? Your art is so fun and I love your blog and what you do for the confidence of artists like me that you highlight. Geeze…I think I’m blushing. Well established artist? Accomplishments are too long to list?? HAhah oh my gosh, tell the big local galleries this that told me to become successful internationally before seeking representation at home. In many ways I’m grateful for their challenge. I realized that I want to work hard and follow my dreams forever, regardless of what the naysayers say. I taught myself to paint in ’03 after a long draught of little creativity following NSCAD in ’96. The idea of wanting to be an artist someday started trickling into my thoughts. Then a few years ago this idea turned into a dream I wanted to realize and worked hard for it, holding down a full time job and painting at night and weekends. I would organize my own solo shows cause no galleries wanted my work. When I discovered surfing everything changed and the inspiration I drew from the ocean was powerful. Then the Seaport Market opened and I jumped on the opportunity to show Haligonians my art every weekend, where I’ve been developing great relationships and earning my place among the local arts community. The highlight of it all? I finally was able to sever the dayjob ties and am now a full time artist! After returning from art shows in Hawaii, I feel like I’m on the brink of something big, and am enjoying every moment. I always encourage others to follow their dreams; it’s rare to know what you want to do, what your passion is. So if you can figure this part out, the sky’s the limit! It’s alot of work, literally 7 days/week and long hours, self-discipline, endurance, positivity, confidence, etc. etc. but the results are like a delicious cocktail of sunshine and saltwater for the soul…

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