1 FREE painting (Print). The retail value for each print is $35.99. (Trust me I did the math.ahah)

How does it work?

For today, all you need to do is SUBSCRIBE to my blog(DONT WORRY IT DOESN”T COST ANYTHING) (that easy?yes it is!) On the right hand side of your screen, if you scroll down, you will see SIGN ME UP. Simply click and I will be notified when this processed is complete. Your name will be entered in a draw. The winner will be randomly selected by the computer.

How do I receive my painting?

If you are the lucky winner of this contest you have 2 options. 1. If you are in close proximity of myself, I will gladly deliver the print directly to your house 2. If you are of further distance your print will be mailed directly to the destination you decide (mailing address)

What You Will Receive?

You will receive a Fine art print on 13×19 art stock.

Original is done on 16×20 Acrylic Triple Primed , Acid Free Canvas Board, %100 recycle material.

Painted with High Viscosity Archival Paint (Satin Acrylic)

Here is today’s FREEFriday giveaway painting (print



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