NSArtist of the Week: @jjsteeves

NS Artist: @jjsteeves

Because I know a lot of you hate reading (or listening to me ramble) I will get right into it. Let me introduce to you…


JJ Steeves: JJ Steeves (Twitter: jjsteeves) resides from the Halifax area here in Nova Scotia. Her style is ultimately unlimited (if that makes sense). She is able to express her feelings and her thoughts directly through her work.


Her desire is to create more meaningful art (the world needs this). What I like about JJ: Her stray cats (see websites) idea is genius. You can find them scattered around the Halifax area. Her technique is crazy unique and different. I love her ability to use cats (something she loves!!) as a building block for her career.



You can find JJ’s work @: http://ladiesgottasers.tumblr.com or http://www.etsy.com/people/StrayKitties

For once..StepOutsideTheBox – BeAwesome


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