GrayThoughts: Why Art Is Important

Why is Art Important?

I hope if you are reading this blog, you can take the time to think about ART and it’s meaning. I hope you believe that art is MORE than a painting or a drawing. I hope that you try and understand the science and philosophy around what art actually is (Im still learning)

Here is something to think about….

Art has power. It is a way to express a vision that go’s well beyond any simple thought or movement we make in every day life. Art is the foundation in which we use to”get away” from the crazy world we live in.

Art can tell you what is important and valid in life. It is an emotion that we feel and express through our hidden thoughts. Art provides the toppings to your ice cream, the dressing on your salad, the gas in your car and the shoes on your feet. Art is a reflection on society and what it is and becoming.

With that said… What is society becoming? (I’ll let you answer that)

Life without art, life is simply boring.. don’t you think? Yeahhh thought so 😉

New Art

2 thoughts on “GrayThoughts: Why Art Is Important

  1. I love that painting. Yes, I agree, ART is so important. It’s therapeutic, it teaches us what we truly feel inside and how to accept it. It literally is FOOD for thought. Without it – we starve as a progressive species that craves knowledge and meaning in life. Great post!

  2. Whoa.. I really love your comment 🙂 Thank you so much for that..
    “It literally is FOOD for thought”..I couldn’t have said it better my self.
    I think more people need to find what “art” suits them and stick with it! Art is everything!!!

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