Art on a Budget: What You Can Do

Summer is almost over and school is about to begin (again for some of us & fresh new beginning for many others). A lot of people have mentioned to me, what do I do while I attend school? I usually do not have any extra money to spend on art supplies and I’m really interesting in finding a new hobby (art). Well this is what I suggest to you.

1. Find writing tools

Art Utensils

You can use normal pencils, crayons, colored pencils, chalk etc. The dollar store 😉 has all of these and I’m sure one of your friends has an old packaged of crayons or colored pencils laying around some place

2. Find a canvas


Finding a canvas can be as difficult as you make it. White paper, line paper any type of paper will do for a canvas (simple). If you want to get really creative, try using cardboard, wood or even large and small rocks. Some people like to draw on walls, that may also work as well..butttt hopefully it is your own house or you have permission to do so.aahhahah

3. Finding the time


Everyone needs down time (most important part of this post). I’m not saying take this time and draw or paint, I’m saying “EVERYONE NEEDS DOWN TIME”. Everyone needs to step away from this crazy world at least 5mins a day. Finding time is super important.

If painting takes you away from this world for 2 minutes, then paint. If running or exercising takes you away from this world for 20minutes then do it. We all need to find time to relax and gather our thoughts.

We as humans of different societies and groups, tend to forget about “ME” time. A lot of us depend on others or ultimately have many others depending on are selves.

It is important to be relaxed at some point during the day. Whether that is for 5mins, an hour or even an entire day. People need down time. Finding something to do during this time is entirely up to you.

I usually like to sleep as well.ahah

😉  -BeAwesome

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