Gray Thoughts: Men & Art

Men & Art

This summer I’ve had a lot of negative and positive influences about what I’ve been doing recently (art/painting/blogging). Personally I feel as though, any comment/attention is good. It not only helps and encourages me to do it more, but it helps me separate real friends and followers, from fake friends and toddlers.

With that said. I want to write a little about Men & Art. 


A lot of Men now a days do not appreciate real genuine art. I’m not specifically talking about a painting or a drawing. I’m talking about ART as a whole. I hear a lot of men say, “oh, art is for women” or “art makes me less of a man” or “art makes me feminine”. This is obviously all wrong, and if you believe any of this you are probably trapped in a bubble or living on another planet.

Studies show (actual research) that men who dig art and culture live happier and healthier lives. Men who participate in activities such as painting :-), playing instruments/singing/rapping, visit museums have lower levels of anxiety and depression.

These men are more satisfied with life and generally feel better then those who care less about art and culture. In Norway, Health Nursing showed that hospitalized psychiatric patients requires less anxiety medication when they were regularly exposed to art.


Studies also suggest that before you determine you have anxiety or depression, or simply feel down about something, art and culture has quite tangible health value. Art exposure or involvement can help cure/treat these problems.







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