GrayThoughts: How I’m Living

So recently I moved my life to Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada. The move went pretty smooth (minus the speeding ticket). The little town itself is pretty nice when the weather is good.

During this time of the year campus is nice, everyone is enjoying the sun and moving in, the students and athletes are working hard, and preparing themselves for the up and coming varsity year. This is a busy little town from September to March(ish).

With that said.. I finally unpacked all of my belongings and set up my new place. It took some time but I managed to put it all together.   I’m pretty excited to start the new year, a little nervous at the same time, seeing this may possibly be my last year in university.

I suggest that those who are in school this year try to enjoy it as much as possible. The time really does go fast (High school/University). If you need help, don’t be shy, ASK SOMEONE!!. Teachers are around to help you. If you can’t finish an assignment, tell your teacher you need more time. School should not be a stressful place. Oh and STOP BULLYING its stupid! ..#thatisall 😉

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