GrayThoughts: Women & Art


GrayThoughts :Women & Art

In one of my later post I talked a little about Men and Art. Surprise, it is the ladies turn..

Here’s what I think..

Art has an effect on people. Whether you believe me or not.. I guess that is your own opinion. But before you become stuck in your ways, I give you a number of things to think about.

Like in my second to last post (Men & ART), art does a lot of the same things it does to men that it does to women. Some of the similarities stay the same; it helps heal stress, frustration, depression, etc. Yet these are not the only problems Art can solve. Before I go any further I want to remind you that, the art in which I speak about goes well beyond paint, crayons and a piece of paper. This is art on another level, music, uniqueness, specialties, clothing, food, everything!. Everything is ART! (Whether you like it or not)

I’m not sure if I know a female who dislikes art. A lot of my girl (friends) love it because it gives them a way to differentiate (big word I know) from the norm. That is exactly what art is, it is something that allows you to go past the norm and into your own spectrum of enjoyment (sorry for the fancy words). Art allows women be unique. It heals sadness. Break up with your boyfriend? Paint over his pictures with some red (kidding)

Art (therapy) helps women with PTSD (Studies show). Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) involves a pattern of symptoms that some individuals develop after experiencing a traumatic event such as sexual assault. ( One important part of this therapy is creating a safe space. This is a place where traumatic feelings can be processed. Creating art of some sort helps females feel more confident and able to speak and express themselves. Art (therapy) helps feelings with difficulty sleeping, irritation and concentration as well. PTSD is a serious disorder.



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