GrayThoughts: Website “COUNT DOWN” DAY20

Today’s post is really short.


I wanted to thank everyone for reading my blog and giving feedback on some of my post(As of right now.. 3,053 views in 3months/couple days).Not shabby. To everyone who has purchased paintings, you are amazing! All of you have continued to motivate me to continue painting, something I thought I would never “seriously” do again.

To all of the haters !! (ahahah). I love you the most. You continue to push me into places I know longer feel uncomfortable with. Merci to you-) Love ya!


Looking forward..

I will be counting down the days in which my website will launch Oct.2nd/2011. Now mine you, this website is nothing special. lol It is a simple place where AWESOME PEOPLE can purchase artwork (only if you want of The website ONLY ACCEPTS PAYPAL for now. So if you do not have a paypal account, you probably live under a rock.ahah This “Official” website is also a place were customers can offer advice and ideas to myself, along with their personal own request, directly through email and website links.

A lot to talk about. Currently about to start class (3:00pm) Must Leave..ahah




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