Thoughts On Graffiti Halifax.

Halifax, Nova Scotia (Very Neat)

I believe graffiti is another form of art. I say it is another way to express your self. It is almost like a secret code everyone wants to get into but has “no” idea how. People often look at graffiti and miss the entire meaning of what the artist was trying to do. They often say “oh thats pretty” or “what a mess”. This is probably do to the lack of knowledge and understanding of the topic and type of art that is being presented.

Some say graffiti is not art? I say that is absolutely wrong and almost an insult to those who create graffiti. I believe the only difference people mix up is that, one is often illegally done on canvases in public places.

Halifax, NS

You can create graffiti with anything, ink, spray paint (obviously), crayons markers, etc. Its occurrence can be anywhere. The most popular is  on the side of buildings, mailboxes, playgrounds, subways etc. A lot of people ask is Graffiti a crime? Well if you did not get permission to write/mark/paint were you’ve created your art work.. It is. I wouldn’t promote going out and marking up a building, but I do promote expressing your self through art in some way shape or form.


Around Nova Scotia (mainly Halifax) you will see a good amount of Graffiti. Personally I think some of it looks great (not sure if they had permission or not?) but I likfe it. Some graffiti really helps the city become bright again. Some graffiti I believe is absolutely unnecessary. For example? Writing on a school playground? Stupid. Writing on a hospital building? Stupid. Writing on a bus?Stupid .. (well sometimes it looks pretty cool but..ahah geesh). If its well crafted, positive and whacky, why not? If it is negative and unattractive get rid of it.




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