Antigonish: The Peoples Place

The Peoples Place: Antigonish Public Library

This week has been really interesting for me. I stepped outside my comfort zone last night and decided to be social .ahah (ended up with some cool writings/graffiti on a really nice shirt.smh ahah). But besides the point it was really fun:-).

This morning I had a visual arts class at 10:30. Are mission was to searching Antigonish for art. If any university students are reading, your probably thinking, Friday? Yes my friend, friday bright and early. I must say I was not excited for this at all. The softness of my pillow. The warmth of my blanket and the unbelievable dream I was processing at the time, really made this morning 10x harder than what it already was.

On a positive, people say you learn something new everyday, and that is exactly what HAPPEN today. As a class we explored Antigonish Art. We started our experience at the new Antigonish Library, and WOW, I must say it is probably one of the nicest Libraries I’ve ever seen #seriously.ahah The sense of community hits you as soon as you enter the door. The structure on the in AND outside of the building is all well crafted and uniquely build for this library specifically. I highly suggest if you are in the area to check it out, you will be  surprised how nice it is.

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Today I found out that Antigonish absolutely loves art. While searching the streets, I started to notice almost every store had some type of art in its windows or on the inside someplace. I also had a chance to go inside the Antigonish Art Gallery. I’ve only been living in Antigonish for 2 years, and nothing has ever made me want to go into this gallery, but I’m I ever so thankful for this art experience. The work is amazing! Local talent in Antigonish Art is insane.ahah It is so good. I’m going to assume students often walk pass this gallery, maybe not even know it is their, but I highly suggest taking a peek. It is well worth it, trust me.

The overall experience was really fun and inspiring. Everything I saw and talked about today, motivated me to go beyond what others believe I am capable of doing. Art is something that we all have inside of us, whether you believe this or not (its true). Great artist are “great” because they believe more than anyone in the world that what they do is important. The believe that it is relevant to their life and ultimately this is what makes them happy. The town of Antigonish is doing what makes them happy.

                                                                             – BeAwesome

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