GrayThoughts: Celebrities Art

You may not like art but these people do..


You would be really surprised how many celebrities enjoy art and art culture. These individuals love and take pride in what they purchase. Purchasing art is not determined by a price when it comes to these celebrities. Each of one of them believe in art and appreciate what artist do with a paint brush (or pencil).

Richard Prince

When Christina Aguilera isn’t singing or performing, she can often be found in an art museum. She has been located in New York and Los Angeles looking for particular art. Kate Moss loves “Banksy”. Banksy is a graffiti artist from England who creates street art. Jay Z enjoys Richard Prince who is an American painter/photographer who creates a lot of his images using Re-photography (google it).


Jack Nicholson loves Jack Vettriano. Jack grew up in Methil, Fife (No idea where this is). His art work sells for 6 figures on a regular. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie enjoy Jean Nouvel. Jean is a French  architect who works mainly with buildings. Some of his famous buildings are as followed, Torre Agbar (Spain) and Tower 25 (Cyprus).

All of these artist (celebrities & painters) have one thing in common. They DO WHAT MAKES THEM HAPPY. They both appreciate hard work and have made it this far because they’ve been self motivated. They have prepared themselves to take on all obstacles and decided to commit themselves to something they love

                                                YouCanDoTheSame- BeAWESOME


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