GrayThoughts: On My Mind


It is hard to believe that it is Oct. 10th already. It kind of feels like I should be home, working a summer job and watching big brother. Each day, I look back and ask my self, where has the time went? Classes, Practice, Painting, Homework. It is all really fun (some of it) but it is all a becoming one big blur. Before I know it, I will be in the classroom teaching (Grade 4:-) I’m pretty pumped to start my practicum this year, seeing it is my last time practicing (scary).

On My Mind:

Thanksgiving was GREAT! I love being around family and they love being around me (ahah) It was fun to hang out with my grandparents like every holiday. They always do a great job hosting everyone, including the random’s that often pop in for tea biscuits or some sort of sweet to help their cravings. It was nice to be home and be around people I love. It was nice to focus on something other then painting, school or basketball.


Last week, after creating a facebook fan page and launching, I was happy to see the support from friends/family and others (smiley). I really do believe that real friends are like family so thank you all for that. The last few weeks have been crazy busy, trying to paint and do everything else. I somehow (no idea how this works) finished 6 paintings in the last 2 weeks. Not sure how this happened or how I even completed each one, but it was done. I have a large amount of paintings to start/complete this month, but I’m definitely up for the challenge. ( I ask for everyone to be patient please and thank you.ahah)

The winter weather is coming (I think). In Antigonish the weather has been really odd. One day we had hail and snow flakes and minus 15. The following day it was hot and sunny, birds chirping and kids playing outside in shorts. Not sure what is going on here but, its Nova Scotia, so I’m never surprised by what happens in the sky.

One last thing..

Over the holidays I spoke with someone on the phone. Our conversation was great. They have know idea how much I took from our conversation together. As I listened and explained to them how busy I was and how frustrated I easily become when something does not go exactly as I planned, I was reminded that life is a frustrating place. I was reminded that if I do not get frustrated, I would become weak and never progress in anything that really means a lot to me. I now think frustration is good thing. Frustration means you are trying or you care enough to at least think twice about what you are doing. Use frustration to motivate you to do something positive. Use frustration to push your self to the limit.



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