What is Pop Art?

When I was first introduced to Pop Art I was in grade 11 (visual arts) Channy if you are reading this you know what I’m talking about.lol I had  ” NO ” idea what the concept was about, how it worked or where it came from but after doing a variety of projects and using the concept it self, I fell in love with the technique and style.

A lot of my what I do is predicated on this movement. Take a look—>

POPART is an art movement that came about around the mid 1950’s. Some say it was discovered in Britain and others say it was discovered in the U.S (it does not really matter). Traditional POPART use a variety of visual that include pop culture and fine art. The technique removes the material from its bases and takes the object and or inserts it with other objects (stay with me here.ahah don’t get lost.lol) POPART is about the emotion behind the painting or image. How the artist felt during the time and why they created the image they did.

POPART  includes mass culture: comic strips, advertising, cultural images,abstract design, logos etc.

The leaders of this movement include: Richard Hamilton, Jasper Johns, Rober Rauschenberg, Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein (Among Many More) See images below..

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