How to Be Awesome 101


How to be Awesome 101:

Lately a lot of people have been asking me, “what is Be Awesome” ?

Well here it is:

You have to be inspired to make something happen with what you have. You have to understand the struggles of life and how every day is a challenge. You have to look at the world from different angles and perspectives to understand more about culture and living life to the fullest. You have to strive for greatness and have zero fear of failing or messing up. You have to consistently push your self to the limit. You have to push so hard you get headaches thinking about the possibilities and opportunities in front of you. You need to stay up late. You need to spend long hours working towards one goal. You need to practice. You need to practice. You need to practice so much it becomes a regular routine. You need followers. You need friends. You need family. You need people who are going to motivate you when you are down. You need individuals who believe in the path you are taking. You have to have trust. You need negativity. You need motivation. You need attitude. You need to be selfish. You have to do something for your self. You have to find that passion. That one passion that makes you happy. That one passion that sheds a light on the morning.You need work ethic. You need strength. You need creativity.  You need attitude. You have to be authentic. You…         have…             to…..            be…      authentic …..    Be your self. Be original. Smile. Be happy. Enjoy life. Be nice to people.




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