Mike Poole: Verlander

Here is a painting I create for Mike Poole. It is my first baseball painting, and I must say it really turned out pretty good. For those of you who have no idea who Justin Verlander (Detroit Tigers), I will gladly introduce you.

Regular Season                  ERA          2.40         W  24     L 5    SO  250   WHIP .92

Career                                    ERA          3.54          W 107 L 57  SO 1215   WHIP 1.19

Justin was born in 1983. He was drafted 2nd overall in 2004. He is known for hitting triple digits on the radar on a regular basis. In 2006 he played his first full season going 17-9 and striking out 124 batters. In he was also named AL Rookie of the year. In 2007, he pitched a no-hitter versus the Milwaukee Brewers. He did the same thing in 2011 versus Toronto. This year Justin was awarded the Triple Crown in the AL for winning 24 games, striking out 250 batters.



Backdrop is created> I painted the sky first. Then I painted the in/out field of the stadium. The city and fan section were created later.









After the fan/city section of the field was completed, I started to draw Justin on the mount. I wanted to over exaggerate his body a little a long with his strong throwing are.









I added some black outline and created the cannon for his arm. I also added a little smoke to again, over exaggerate his strength in throwing the baseball.









Finally finished after a few changes!! 🙂




– BeAwesome

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