BeAwesome: #2 Ambition

BeAwesome: #2 Ambition

Jay-Z’s my favorite rapper, but why can’t I aspire to be better than him, why can’t my ambition take me above that? – Wale


Ambition is a desire and determination to be successful. It is sparked and fueled by hard work and dedication towards one or two particular goals you may wish to have in life. Some people say we are born with Ambition. Some say it is a process that we slowly or gradually pick up on. Some say ambition fades over time, and we lose hope and passion for this demeanor. Think about it. Ambition doesn’t fade, and you are not born and you do not gradually pick up, or grow out of ambition. Some people flat out have more heart than you. Some people are not scared to take risk. Some people are not scared to make mistakes because  they know that it is only going to push them, push them one step closer to what makes them happy. Some people want it more than you. Some people eat, sleep and dream ambition. Those who relate to ambition have a sense of eagerness and faith in what they are doing, how they are doing it, and when they are going to get there. Ambition

                                                                                 –  BeAwesome


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