BeAwesome: #3 Appreciate

BeAwesome: #3 Appreciate

You should also appreciate the goodness around you, and surround yourself with positive people – Nadia Comaneci

It is easy to wake up every morning and think about your self. It is easy to be selfish. We as a society are becoming less appreciative of the little things in life that make us happy. We do not appreciate those who have influence our lives and our surroundings. We do not appreciate small compliments. You know like, Nice hair. Are those new shoes? Where’d you buy that outfit? I really enjoy your company. We often smile and laugh but never appreciate the moment, the moment we spend with those around us. We never appreciate a smile, a hello or a good bye until its to late. We rarely appreciate good parents. Coaches and good teachers. Did you say thank you to the gentlemen that held the door for you today? When was the last time you called your mom or dad and said thank you for everything  you’ve done me over the pass number of years, I Love you. When was the last time you said, I Love you? Really. We don’t even appreciate good music anymore. We need to appreciate the rain, warm blankets, chocolate, friends, bus drivers. The little things in life that we appreciate make life easier and worth living. Those who are involved in this process are worth acknowledging –  Appreciate 


                                                                              Appreciate Ice Cream – BeAwesome

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