BeAwesome: #6 Balancing

BeAwesome: #6 Balancing

If you’re interested in ‘balancing‘ work and pleasure, stop trying to balance them. Instead make your work more pleasurable

– Donald Trump 


I know people who can balance everything. Some do this type of balancing for a living. It is almost like a job, this type of balancing. Many of us balance struggle. A struggle to climb a hump in the day or a crack in the road on your journey throughout life. Some of us balance riches. A bank account with no limits, a large house, fancy car’s and a perfect family. Around the world we balance the poor. Different types of poor. Damp nights. Pay cheque to pay cheque. Deadlines and overdue payments. But yet again, we still somehow find a way to  balance happiness and the world and everything around us; mountains, rivers, books, food and the ocean. We need to lighten our burdens, and lessen the stress on our inner and outer body and self confidence. We need to balance a life around family. Mom. Dad. Grandma. Grandpa. Best-Friends. Aunts. Cousins. Teachers. Stuffed-Animals. A good family can guide you towards a balancing life while dealing with stress and worries. A good family is always around when you need them. A Good family will help you live a balancing life while being your self. Yes being your self. Good balancing allows you to enjoy the moment while being able to cope and deal with difficulties around you. A balancing life is when you can easily change a negative into a positive and you love the person you are today and tomorrow. Balancing 



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