BeAwesome: #13 Energy

BeAwesome: #13 Energy

Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you – Oprah Winfrey 


When trying to stay motivated, energy is extremely important. Finding that boost of energy is an essential part of learning and reaching your ultimate goal (Doing what makes you happy). Now some people find energy in different places. Now, personally, “sometimes” I use red-bull and blue-bag skittles (don’t judge me). Energy is found in all sorts of different places. It  is up to you, to find out what works. Passion is a type of energy. Devotion. Waking up the same time every morning is energy. Drinking lots of water and eating breakfast. Being organized and exercising. Energy comes from within you and yes you can control it. It is only used by individuals who care about their future and are willing to sacrifice their thirst and hunger to eliminate stress in their lives. Laugh and you will probably find energy. Socialize, listen to music, jump rope, and you will probably find energy. Energy 

                                                                                               –  BeAwesome


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