BeAwesome: #14 Escape

BeAwesome: #14 Escape

Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things that escape those who dream only at night – Edgar Allan Poe


In today’s world we are forced to do things we find are unpleasurable. Whether that is a job, going to school or even babysitting your little brother. Our society is on demand 24 hrs a day. Nowadays we as a group (the world) are experiencing more pressure to succeed and fulfill a variety of duties. These duties are suggested to be done with speed, persistence and accuracy, 100% of the time. The speed of life is increasing. Anxiety and stress easily arise  and are now a large part of our daily routine. How do we escape all of this? How do we balance life and its struggles. First we must understand the problem. Visualize. Draw a picture of what is wrong in your head. Second we must control our emotions. Relax. Why do you  feel this way? Third we must escape this time zone. Control your actions. Do what it takes to better your self and your surroundings. Take your time. Ask friends and family for suggestions. Take a nap. Escape the world you hate and begin to shape the world you desire. It is okay to struggle. Struggle is good.We learn from struggle. It is when we decide not to escape and allow struggle to control our life, is when we find ourselves in trouble. Escape

                                                                                               – BeAwesome


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