BeAwesome: #16 Faith

BeAwesome; 16 Faith

It is the  lack of faith that makes people afraid of meeting challenges, and I believe in myself.” – Muhammad Ali


How do you live a happy life? When will all of your hard work pay off? The answer to these questions are unknown. Let’s face some facts here. We nine times out of ten cannot read the future. We as a society, lack faith and belief because we do not want to work hard at anything we do. Our self confidence is low. We have fewer friends and we rarely smile back at one another. This type of faith has nothing to do with religion unless you want it too. This type of faith has nothing to do with a book. A man. A Woman. Any type of sculpture. Land or Water. This type of faith is in you. Do you believe in your self? Do you have faith that you  can accomplish any goal. When was the last time you  looked at your self in the mirror, I mean really……….  really looked at your self in the mirror and asked your self, is this what I want my life to be like? Are you appreciating what you have? Your faith has to be convincing. With all of your heart and soul, do you trust and believe that you can manage life and its every day difficulties without losing sight of this faith. Can you believe and have faith when there are periods of doubt? Faith is believing in you. Have faith that you can do it. Faith 



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