BeAwesome: #19 Grind

BeAwesome: #19 Grind

Grind hard but got a lot to show for it, always had drive like I had to chauffeur it – Big Sean 


Sometimes we wish that everything is laid out for us on a silver platter. Yes it is easy to wish that things like this just happen or magically appear within thin air, but in reality this is probably not the case for any of us. What happen to the art of the grind. Putting in lots of work to be successful at what you do. What happen to working particularly hard for today, knowing that tomorrow is probably going to be the same struggle. Those who grind, grind because they have no other choice. They grind because they see a vision. They see a vision that is often cloudy for long periods at a time. Grind. We  want to control our own destiny. Grind. We want to control our own living and environment and surroundings. So we Grind. We consider the grind as a way of life, a step forward into an elevator that only moves in one direction, that’s up. So We Grind. It takes a special person to understand this type of living and concept. It takes a strong individual to go forth with this understanding and make it a way of life. Those who grind have a choice. You have a choice. Grind 



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