BeAwesome: #20 Giving

BeAwesome: #20 Giving

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time – Thomas A. Edison 


An essential part of Being Awesome is giving. Giving as much as you can to those around you, and never giving up.( Read that again.) This is an easy concept to understand, but can be very difficult to hold on to.If you hate the idea of giving and can rarely stay at a task without giving up, stop reading. You must give before you receive. Simple. You must never give up to accomplish. Think about it. To enter a place were giving up is not an option, you must at some point in your life hit this stage. The first time you give up, remember. Remember that feeling. You have to remember what it feels like to be broken to change this feeling for the rest of your life. Why not give something to someone you’ve never given to. To be successful you have to give and be giving. You cannot make it to this place you want to go by your self. Giving is a sign of respect and honor towards others. When you are able to give, someone is able to receive so graciously. It takes a strong individual to give. It takes a strong individual to never give up. Giving 




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