BeAwesome: #21 Goals

BeAwesome: #21 Goals

Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.  ~Henry Ford


Goals should be created each day. It could be as simple as, promising your self to wake up and go to class on time, eating the last side of your sandwich, or going for that run around the block you said you’d go on yesterday. They can be as challenging as, making 2000 free throws after practice, running your first marathon in 10 years, or climbing the highest mountain without assistance. Creating goals will set you up for success. It is a process that allows you to evaluate  your actions. It is a test you are taking every day. Once you find these goals and begin to meet each one of them, you will no longer allow fate to control your destiny. You are able to follow a direction that only you can follow. Goals give you some purpose to life worth living. You will increase in energy. Make movements worth moving. You will have reason to sweat and wake up every morning. Goals

– BeAwesome


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