BeAwesome: #22 Honest

BeAwesome: #22 Honest

Being entirely honest with oneself is a good exercise – Sigmund Freud 


Everyone has lied. Everyone has lied to someone else. And everyone has lied to themselves at some point in their life. Being honest is an essential part of Being Awesome. There is know greater weight on either being honest to your self or to others. They are both weighed and treated the same way. They are both equally important. To be honest to one self you must put all facts of life into reality. You must see what is there, adjust, use or get rid of what does not help you become successful. When you lie or make up stories about your self, you are telling others you are not worthy. You do not believe in you so you pretend because you are not good enough. Those who are dishonest often have poor self esteem and have no place in your inner circle (You can help them). Those who are honest practice honesty. They cherish the fact that even though what is true (and honest) may hurt, they put life in perspective and  go that extra mile. Be honest with your self and to others. It hurts to be lied too. I’ve done it. I’ve seen it. I’ve witness it. I’ve been a victim of it. Honest


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