Be Awesome #26 Intimidated

Be Awesome #26 Intimidated

If we’re intimidated or scared, then there’s no way we can win. If we think it’s possible, then it’s possible- Michael Williams 

It is not the size in the dog..

It is okay when others are intimidated by you. This does not make you are a bad person. Nor does it give anyone the right to disrespect you. If you are fortunate enough to work hard and trust in what you believe, people will automatically be intimidated by you. You should probably take that as a compliment. If you continue to push your self in the right direction, the general public will see this, and feel threaten by the effort you put forth in what you love to do. The public hates when society works hard. Don’t be intimidated. Don’t be intimidated by those who threaten to rupture your path or journey you are trying to create. Don’t be intimidated by non-motivators. Don’t let these individuals put out your fire. Swag. Walk with a purpose. Keep your shoulders held high. Be confident in what you believe in and trust in what your are doing because you are intimidating. Intimidated 

                                                               – Be Awesome


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