BeAwesome: #28 Journey

BeAwesome: #28 Journey

To get through the hardest journey we need take only one step at a time, but we must keep on stepping- Chinese Proverbs


The importance of taking a personal journey is essential to living happily ever after. As humans and many other species on earth, we only have the pleasure to live for a certain amount of time. Along with that, we have no idea how long that may be. We all know the saying, “Life is too short”. So why not take a journey? Why not walk into unknown areas. Walk into areas you’ve never seen or even dreamt about. Why not be the best at what you do, and concentrate on what you have instead of watching, and wishing you were in someone else’s shoes. Why not? Why not walk on this journey. Why not believe in your self, and ever talent that you’ve been given. What talent? Well everyone loves something, and feels passionate about it. Everyone has a passion for doing, creating and or exploring something that interest them. What’s holding you back? You. Not anyone else around you, but you. You are in the way of your own journey. Do something for your self. Not for your parents. Not for your teachers or friends. Do it for YOU. Walk. Run. Sprint. Take this journey. Journey¬†

– BeAwesome


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