5 Awesome Things to Remember During the Holiday!!

5 Things to remember: 

The holidays are here and it is only fitting to discuss how we can BE AWESOME during the break. The Awesome Crew strive themselves on hardwork and passion, so it makes sense that we understand what the holiday (break) is all about. To Be Awesome during the break you need to concentrate on 5 words. Here they are in  no particular order:


1. Family:

Family is one of the most important pieces to a successful holiday. EVERYONE has some type of family. These are the individuals you spend most of your time with. These are the individuals you consistently think about. Share the time to catch up on old stories. Talk about the year that has past and what you plan to do in the new year. Take away all the negatives and add positives. When you are with your family laugh, smile and have a good time. Cherish each moment and recognize these individuals who have helped you get through this portion of your life (2011). Family





2. Give:

Give as much as you can during the holiday. That does not mean you have to give actual objects like toys, turkeys, and flat screen tvs (Even though these are great gifts 😉 It simply means try practicing good patience. Try helping your dad or mom with the dishes or xmas dinner. Open the door for your grandma or the stranger going into the gas station. Give an extra loonie to the individual outside Sobey’s or the Superstore, fundraising for an event or sports team. Give an extra effort to smile when someone looks at you or says hello. Give as much as you can. Give





3. Recognize:

Recognize the people around you, and your environment. Cherish each moment because everyone is having a different holiday. Everyone is not receiving ipads, xbox360’s, name brand clothing and fancy shoes or jackets. Recognize what you have and appreciate every gift and kind word you are given. Be thankful for having what you have and getting the opportunity to spend a holiday with the people you love. Recognize your elders. Whether they are your family members or not. We do not know what is in stored for the up and coming next year. Recognize







Eat everything you see (ahah well not literally, but you know what I mean). It is okay to eat that extra square or have dessert after your holiday dinner. It is okay to ask for gravy on your potatoes as well. Matter of fact, it is also okay to eat a box of chocolates and not share with anyone besides your very own belly. With that said, Eat everything, but eat “responsibly”(ahah). Honestly, it is not going to hurt you (well I don’t think so) to enjoy all of the holiday treats you will be offered. I do suggest pacing your self. We do not want to see anyone get sick. Eat





5. Remember 

Remember what holidays and breaks are actually for (I tend to forget about this all the time). Take a break. Like actually, put the pencil down, turn off your lap, tell your friends to stop texting you and relax. Sit down with whom ever, or even your self and chill out. Take a break from everything and let your mind and body take it easy for a day or two. Remember all of the work you’ve put forth this year. Your body needs this time to recover. With all of that, Remember what is important to you. Remember the goals you have in mind and remember there is always work to be done. Remember


(Happy Holidays:-)

PS: Thanks to everyone for the crazy amount of support I’ve been receiving. It has been an interesting experience thus far. You all keep going! Enjoy the holidays! Get ready for the new year!! 


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