Be Awesome: #31 Keen

Be Awesome: #31 Keen

Desire is the starting point of all achievement, not a hope, not a wish, but a keen pulsating desire which transcends everything – Napoleon Hill


Have you ever been told “you are really keen” or “stop being a keener”? If so, you understand this word and the different meanings behind it. Is it really something you should be offended by? (I don’t think so). How do you feel after being a “keener” and getting a good grade on a test? Pretty good right? How does the person who called you a “keener” feel? Usually pretty sh*ty. (Name caller: I should have studied more :-(. Yes that’s right, you should have, now look at you. Name Caller: “Crying to momma” ). Being keen is a good thing. Being keen means you are eager to learn and be great at what you do. This doesn’t mean you are overly obsessed, stuck up or what they use to say in middle school, a “goodie goodie”. It simply means you are courageous and excited to do well in what ever it is you are about to do. Keeners are called nerds, and nerds are cool. Keeners are called Geeks, and geeks are even cooler. Keeners are called smarty pants or the smart kids, and really, what is wrong with that? Work as much as you can before you get tired. Position your self in place you can focus and be keen. Be a Keener. So What? Who cares what other people think.  Keen



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