BeAwesome: #32 Karma

BeAwesome: #32 Karma

I’m a true believer in karma. You get what you give, whether it’s bad or good- Sandra Bullock


Everyone has their own opinion on Karma. The first thing we think about are, ” if you do something BAD or uncharacteristic of your self,  it will come back to hunt you”. I guess this is somewhat true, if that is what you believe. To be honest, it is a human law that requires cause and effect that teaches us lessons from both the past and our present lives. By understanding our own actions, we have the power to change and adjust what it is we do on a daily basis. Now Karma does have a positive side. We as society tend to only focus on the negative.  Positive karma, quickly allows us to learn from your mistakes, and also benefits us when we lease expect it. A lot of the time you really have no idea it is happening. When you feel exhausted and burnt out, and you magically find this extra burst of energy, karma. When you feel like giving and you somehow tell yourself it is not over, karma. All of this is GOOD karma. Luck? We don’t believe in luck. We believe that all things happen for a reason. Those who are Awesome practice this strategy. We focus on past karma experiences and use them to better our path for the future of tomorrow. We know what bad karma is and we  pay very little attention to it. Karma only affects those who allow it to affect them. Karma



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